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mOrders question

    Apr 04 2009 00:28:05



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    I've added two payment options to our cart. One of them is if customer has an account with us then he can check "I have account" the mOrders shows payment as Other or for other option "Store pick up" as Other1, but when I receive e-mail confirmation it shows it properly see below.
    Username : E3164626
    Date : 3 Apr 2009 - 19:13
    Shopper Id : 167222
    IP number :
    For payment by: I have an account
    Company or Town name: Test Inc

    Product : Quantity : Price
    safe:SPEEREFLEX72 6' Recycled Rubber Speed Bump w/yellow stripe : 5 : 128.50
    My question is, is there a way to configure mOrders so it shows the payment set in cart set up, so when we download orders the morders shows acctual payment? It works good for credit cards.
    Thank you

    Apr 15 2009 14:45:34



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    I think you are stuck with Other1, Other2, etc.