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    Apr 06 2009 22:22:00


    Michael Schwab

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    We use USPS Priority Small Flat Rate shipping at $15.95 to keep shipping affordable.
    Usually that means a product total of up to $50.

    However, USPS does not insure nor trace the Small Priority flat rate boxes at that rate.

    here's how we do it:

    We have our Advanced (International) shipping zones set to charge $15.95 for the first 16 ounces, and we use Flat Rate Small Box when we package it.

    The next 16 units forces the regular Priority rate, and includes shipping and tracking. We use a regular USPS Priority box and insure it. *Usually the value exceeds $50 by that time.

    This is an average order :
    1 pound total weight = up to $50 total order
    2+ pounds total weight = $51 to $100 +
    3+ pounds total weight + $101 to ?

    Advanced settings ticked are: based on the total sum of units posted in with your products . I have tried setting it to based on Value of order...that doesn't work in many cases...but is closer to actual...

    This works great until the customer goes over 16 ounces. THEN they want to know why they cannot track an order based on that $15.95 amount....

    Can someone do a run through our store checkout and tell me where you would like to see a message that explains why shipping goes from $15.95 to $29.95 when they add items (*over 16 units).... in other words, how can we pass along information that is right up front during checkout with regards to ..."If you pay $15.95, there will be no tracking..." sort of thing.

    What happens is this: we send an email with the Customs label # and then customers still don't understand why the USPS website does not update information, even when we explain in the shipping email :

    Your Customs Label # we provide as a courtesy, is proof of postage purchase only. If Priority MailŪ Small Flat Rate Box $15.95 was noted on your order, tracking is not provided by the United States Postal Service and will not be updated on their website.

    Are we being too confusing or redundant or should we just hope people will read our shipping terms in both our website AND the shipping emails they get??

    Can someone please take a moment to look at our cart and help us to help our UK neighbors understand better?
    PS: bump the quantities up to see how it works :)

    I do not regularly check PM's unless it's an emergency, so please feel free to email me,then I'll see it immediately ;)

    Thanks in Advance :)


    Jul 03 2009 09:42:32



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    Hi there,
    I too would like to apologise if this topic has been covered before.
    I am trying to set up the cart (free account) for a customer who is from the UK but also wants to ship her goods abroad as and when the need arises. Now because some of the items are different in sizes postage/shipping will differ.
    I have searched for the answers but think I am missing something on how to do this.
    Could someone please advice on how we might get this set up/
    Thanking you in advance.
    Kind regards, Sandy

    Jul 03 2009 11:09:09



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    I'd start your own thread Sandy as it looks to me a different issue.

    Having trouble with a form or need one building?
    Fast turnaround, but I do charge :)

    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Jul 05 2009 20:13:13


    Timothy I. Koen

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    Midhael, our message in the cart reads:

    "Flat Rate Shipping includes all available USPS Services available: Insurance, Delivery Confirmation and handling charges."

    I was more confused trying to figure out your issue, than I was trying to solve it. But it did occur to me that your sentence could read:

    "Shipping includes all available USPS Services available: Insurance, Delivery Confirmation and handling charges, on orders over $15.95."

    Hope this helps


    Tim Koen