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Re:Flat rate shipping...

    Apr 06 2009 23:37:35


    Michael Schwab

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    First, you will need to set up an account with USPS to get direct quotes.
    Then go into your Admin area and to go to:


    If you enable USPS shipping then you can select USPS services as options in the shipping tables. USPS requires the weight to be included in your Buy Now links. Post it in as a decimal of lbs in the field named units, for example units=1.35, or ounces.

    Use quotes direct from the USPS rates service.

    You must register with USPS and obtain a username and password from them. When you sign-up select the option that you will use it "exclusively on my website", your registration isn't going to be used to get quotes for anyone else. there is a link to register from within Mals:

    With a new account you will need to 'phone or email USPS and ask them to activate your account before it will work. You can email them at -----call in, it's quicker.

    Then you need to set up separate shipping tables in your Admin area in Advance Shipping. You set your rates, configure your tables by zone, by value or by units.

    Hope that helps~ it's a process, so take it one step at a time before posting in here, so we know at what point you are.