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    Sep 11 2008 04:39:37



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    Does anyone have any recommendations for credit card processing i have which i got through a company named Merchant Account Express. They charge me at least $50.00 a month plus the transaction fees.

    anyone use a good service??

    Sep 11 2008 05:01:28



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    Have you considered PayPal?

    Having trouble with a form or need one building?
    Fast turnaround, but I do charge :)

    Mal's Forms / Scripts and the syntax are here.

    Sep 11 2008 18:20:37



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    Sep 11 2008 18:21:41



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    The forums most not like me because they keep deleting my posts. Sorry.

    I'm in the same boat. I use and it's very expensive. I've used PayPal's Website Payments Pro in the past but switched once they started requiring that "Check out with PayPal" on the main page of your shopping cart.

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


    Sep 11 2008 18:32:54



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    I have authorizenet but can't figure out how to get it to work with my shopping cart. My cost is much lower but it is because of the type of account I have w/ my merchant services.

    Sep 12 2008 00:37:18


    tom g

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    Edited: You have to have a premium cart.

    Cart setup > Payment Methods > Payment Gateways >

    The form is fairly self explanatory. You will need your API and Transaction keys. Read the note on the right side about test mode.

    Sep 22 2008 20:55:02



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    Do you have to have a premium account to use Or will it work w/ the freebie account?