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back orders

    Apr 12 2009 19:59:47



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    Client would like to keep all his products listed (over 1000 -it is a database driven site - hooked up to Mals)... but when the stock of a product is gone ... still accept the order - and charge only for the portion shipped - but keep the rest as a back-order.

    Some one suggested we could use remote-call for this. I can see how this could check availability - but how can we keep the information around to process the backorder when it comes through ?



    Apr 13 2009 13:46:53



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    You could store the non-secure order details in a database with a remote call script. How you track it after that would be up to you. You could write your own application to access the database and update order status.

    You might take a look at mOrders which stores all order details (secure and non-secure). It includes the ability to assign an order status and notes on orders (but unfortunately not status or notes on a specific items in the order).