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mOrders - Quickbooks

    Sep 11 2008 17:59:11



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    I think there used to be a spearate program to use with Quickbooks? Is that still available or is mOrders to single program to use now? If so - I have version 4.17, how do I use it to import my orders as sales receipts into QB Pro 2008?

    Sep 18 2008 00:16:49



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    I'd also like to know if this is still available - and if it is...where?


    Sep 18 2008 12:08:04


    tom g

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    You should email Mal at

    Sep 21 2008 12:16:05


    Sandi Myers

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    There also used to be a separate form for Quickbooks Download Manager. Where is that?


    Oct 10 2008 13:37:30


    Jeannie Allen

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    I use the QB Download manager every day to get my sales into Quickbooks (I am using QB 2006 PRO). I sure hope the program is still around and supported. For anyone not using QB download manager, how are you getting your sales data into your accounting program? Manual entry?? I'm going to send Mal a seperate note on this and also ask if QB 2009 is supported.

    Jan 01 2009 18:22:47


    Jane McClintock

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    Are there any updates on this topic? I've been using the QB download manager but am considering upgrading QB to 2009 and don't want to leave download manager behind.

    Mar 13 2009 22:15:17



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    How do you configure QB download manager to download sales into QB?

    Mar 15 2009 10:21:11



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    I went with Traxian and after a few snags its working great. Went ahead and paid the $300 for annual subscription which wasn't much considering how much time I will save and errors avoided.

    DaveP said: How do you configure QB download manager to download sales into QB?

    May 27 2009 18:00:36


    Jane McClintock

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    DaveP, can you give your thoughts on how Traxian is working for you and what the snags you hit were? How did you get help to get those resolved? Thanks.