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Re:Shipping, how do I set it up to this value

    Sep 11 2008 19:47:10



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    Edited: Edited: I wondered if it was done in that portion of the page, but it seemed that is was only geared to number of items rather then total value of items. I have never done this before and this is the second time I have tried to set up the store, the first time using Zen Cart that is offered with my domain, and that is the most unfriendly user shopping cart, I was lost in that thing.

    I plan on upgrading to premium, but first wanted to see how the store did, as it is a brand new store and probably not going to be found by web surfers that easily, so I think it is just going to be a hit and miss as to how well it does, at least for awhile until I get up there in the search engines. It may be a total flop because no one is ever seeing the store.

    Oh, and I want to use credit card processing, but I did not qualify for paypals pro deal and I cannot find a service that does not charge a set up fee, which I just cannot afford at the moment, so I am totally foregoing credit card payments I guess.

    I just was not sure what amount to set for $200 and up, I kind of took these amounts from another company whose products I sell through an affiliate program and they also use this cart and that is their shipping amounts calculated in. Any suggestions?