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Advanced shipping

    Apr 17 2009 17:37:59



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    Well, I've a problem with shipping and I'm hopping that someone could help out. We use UPS shipping and some of our items are heavy but we can split the order in to several packages to go UPS, but the problem is when customer adds e.g. 40 Traffic cones at 10lb each the shipping calculator thinks that this is a one 400lb package and it says that it can not get shipping quote from UPS. Is there a option to get a quote e.g. 5x80lb and get a quote that way or maybe other way. I seen it in Zen Cart that when you add 400lb the Zen cart will get a quote from UPS 5x80lb.
    Thanks Bob

    Apr 17 2009 18:42:04



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    I think the answer is No. The cart shipping routines know the total weight (units) but not any breakdown. You might ask Mal if there's a workaround. I don't know one so if there is please come back and tell us!

    Some shipping help documents are available at