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Re:my account problem

    Sep 11 2008 21:41:25



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    I didn't even see the 'sign in as different user" as it is very close below the "I cannot access my account" link which is in the same font so assumed it was just part of that link.

    Clicking that link takes out one click - ie clicking a link at top of page and then login page. But it still only takes me to the login page which I have to refresh to be able to see my list of carts. I think I put that in my original post but as I can't see that post while I am typing this that it might be wrong :-(

    What I really need is the home page to have a login box or be able to completly log out of the my account name which I only want to use for the forum.

    I know I could do it through my account but i find that much more clunky and time consuming than just using the login that was on the home page. I think I put that in my original post too but ....... (ditto from above) And I only actually registered for the forum under that username - i had no option as that is the only way to post on the forum now.

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