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My tax rate will not stay in my tax settings & will not apply to my order forms

    Sep 11 2008 23:03:23



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    What am I doing wrong?!!! (Pulling out my hair). I have to charge tax to buyers in my state, so I check off the button for 'Tax will be calculated using one of the rates specified below'. I set my default to my tax rate of .07725% and then in tax is set on shipping address and I choose my state from the drop down and once again entered the tax rate. I hit submit changes and it leaves the rate in the default but puts it back to 0 in the state. When i test run my buy now, no tax is added. I have tried different variations of this thinking I am choosing too many options, such as removing the default and just putting it in the state area, but it just keeps removing my tax rate and is not adding the taxes on to my orders.

    Sep 12 2008 00:42:50


    tom g

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    Put the rates in as a percentage

    Sep 12 2008 00:54:42



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    Thanks Tom, that worked. I am dumb on this stuff, I just copied what it read on the tax chart for my town and state. I think finally I am good to go. Sigh of relief.