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Shipping to UK problem

    May 01 2009 15:56:30



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    I would like to ship orders within the USA for free, and charge for orders to the UK.

    The USA is working fine.

    I can't get thge UK shipping to calculate anything

    Using Advanced Shipping I have "UK" set up as it's own zone, and "Priority MAil Internationall" selected. I have the units weight entered as: <input type="hidden" name="units" value="1.0"/>

    Is the "units" entry in the correct place.

    Thank you.

    May 01 2009 16:15:19



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    If you use units you need a numeric suffix to tie it to a particular product, for example name="units1".

    When using productpr, put units as the third value product:price:units.

    Some shipping help documents are available at