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Re:Geez, lol, how do I get back to my cart settings

    Sep 12 2008 01:01:57



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    It doesnt show any link. It just shows account information and the add a shopping cart. I already added my shopping cart when I set up the forum account. I realize that it is actually two separate entities, but even when I log out of the forum so I can log into my shopping cart administration, it does not want to give me a clear log in box to do that with, the log in has the id already prefilled with my forum log in id and I cannot remove it to put in my shopping cart id. So I have no way to to get to the shopping cart log in. I am fortunite right now in that I happen to have two browsers open , one with my forum and one with my shopping cart, but if I close them I am worried that I will not be able to get back in again. And maybe that is why it is not giving me a clear log in field, because I am already logged in. I dont know. I will find out when I log out of both I assume.