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Expired Security Certificate - URGENT

    May 02 2009 10:15:18



    Join date : 2008-12-06      Posts : 13

    I'm getting connection errros on checkout when accessing the credit card page. The reason is because the SSL certificate expired on 2/05/2009 or 2nd May 2009

    Is anyone else who has reached 2nd May having this problem
    I realise that there are parts of this world that are still on 1st May

    How do we contact Mal about this please ?

    May 02 2009 10:37:33



    Join date : 2009-05-02      Posts : 1

    Yes, me too. 1st problem with the cart in 7 years!

    Email is

    May 02 2009 13:23:22



    Join date : 2009-05-02      Posts : 1

    I am also getting this error, and I cannot access our shopping cart to pull orders. Our shopping cart is on -- this is our first error ever, and we've been with mals-e since 2001.

    May 02 2009 14:04:45



    Join date : 2008-12-06      Posts : 13

    It appears to be on the older servers. I am currently doing an emergency test to move to ww6 which appears to be OK but not yet tested.

    Wendi, to access your orders, use Firefox. IE wouldn't let me go any further but Firefox allows me to add an exception and allow me through

    It's going to be fun tomorrow when the rest of the world reaches 2nd May 6:04pm

    I too have never had a problem with Mals. Mals is the best - except for today :)

    May 02 2009 17:49:31


    Mr Robert J Massey

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 3

    Yes, we've been struck with this too. Although we've not really had any problems in the past 10 years that we've been with Mal's, and we have always recommended the service before, I must say that the lack of any action on this isn't impressing me too much.

    We emailed Mal a little earlier today about this, as I'm sure others must have done too. We would have hoped for some acknowledgement or action on it by now. We are losing customers and orders... as a premium customer I cannot afford to be paying for a service that let's me down in any way, especially at times like this when business is hard to come by.

    After this is sorted out (quickly I hope!) I only hope that there will be some form of recompense for those subscribers who will have lost out by it and some assurances that this won't happen again.

    May 02 2009 18:35:14



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 65

    Same problem here. Just sent an email to Mal, hopefully this will be fixed very soon.

    May 02 2009 19:11:03



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 65

    You could temporarily turn off the option to use secure pages for checkout. This worked for me.

    May 02 2009 19:20:08



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 3

    Marco said: You could temporarily turn off the option to use secure pages for checkout. This worked for me.

    How do you do this Marco? I knwo there is an option to turn off secure pages for the name/address part but I thought that the payment entry page was always secure?

    May 02 2009 19:53:15



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 3

    Seems to have been resolved now, I think.

    May 02 2009 19:56:02



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 65

    For me it was possible to enter the name/address page, and then continue to the platform of my payment provider without a problem (this means your payment provider has to accept the unsecure page URL as well as it is a different URL). I did not finish an order with the payment provider platform, but at least there was no error accessing the platform of my payment provider. I placed a test order with a custom payment option and that fully worked.

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