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is there a max limit of products on addmulti.cfm?

    Sep 12 2008 15:55:58



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    love this stuff - great thing - just getting going with the addmulti.cfm action though:

    Ok - is there a maximum number of products I can have on the page?

    Here's the problem:

    product1, qty1 price1 all the way through to product50, qty50 and price50 all work fine, no problems.

    product51 to 60 don't work.

    the only thing that is different is that i am not using price but discountpr for items 51 through to 60:-

    <input type="HIDDEN" name="discountpr60" value="1,100.00:0,80.00">

    so if the qty is 1, they pay 100.00, if it is 2 or more they pay 80.00

    however, when it moves to mal's cart not one of items 51 through to 60 transfer in to the basket - at any price...

    the only other information of note, is that all products 1 through 50 appear in the html page in order, but 51 through to 60 are dotted throughout the page, but this shouldn't matter I think...

    the other weird thing is, I tried it a few days ago, and it worked, but today it isn't... I haven't changed anything... any ideas?!?!

    thanks so much, in advance, kisses for everyone!!

    tom x

    Sep 12 2008 17:02:55


    Debbie Q

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    You got it right. There is a limit of 50 products per mutiproduct form.

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