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Totally Confused

    May 28 2009 05:15:09



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    I am a beginner and totally confused with what I can see is a great product.

    I seem to have two accounts, Shopping Cart and My Account, why do I need two accounts? When do I use the Shopping Cart account and when do I use My Account?

    Also I seem to have been asked to create a Payment Password, why do I need to do this?.

    May 28 2009 13:51:23


    Debbie Q

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    My Account is your account with Mal. It is basicly your main account. Your billing information is there if you have a premium cart. There is a link to your shopping cart admin there. If you have more than one cart you can have links to all of them in one place. Your shopping cart Admin is where you setup your cart and retrieve your orders. If you are collecting credit card information to process orders manually you need the payment password to get the CC information.

    For what it's worth I agree that having both "My Account" and the shopping cart admin is confusing. Mal thinks it's better and more secure.

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    May 28 2009 14:17:30



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    Thanks, once again Debbie, that really helps. I am now getting to grips with it all.