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Re:Shipping Setup Problem

    May 29 2009 13:53:53


    Michael Schwab

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    TO GET USPS QUOTES: (followup)

    go into your Advanced settings, Shipping, USPS Setup and fill in the USPS username and zip and units of weight you're using, as per your registration information you got from USPS.
    Make sure you tick the box
    USPS setup
    If you enable USPS shipping then you can select USPS services as options in the shipping tables.

    Use quotes direct from the USPS rates service.

    You must register with USPS and obtain a username and password from them. When you sign-up select the option that you will use it "exclusively on my website", your registration isn't going to be used to get quotes for anyone else. Click here to register....

    With a new account you will need to 'phone or email USPS and ask them to activate your account before it will work. You can email them at

    USPS username
    Your ZIP, the origin
    Your weights (units) are in Pounds Ounces