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Re:Shipping Setup Problem

    May 29 2009 13:59:29


    Michael Schwab

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    "I noticed the Priority mail charges are inflated. Is there a way to have it show only the USPS "flat-rate" prices?"

    then in the shipping zones you set up for each country, you need to select the proper USPS First Class Parcel for FC, and in Priority , there is no Flat Rate vs regular Priority.

    PS: regular Priority is cheaper than Flat Rate Priority, based on the weight, up to the first 4 lbs. When your product weight and packaging get to 5 pounds, it is cheaper to go Flat Rate. Then you have to decide how to set up your units in Priority to reflect that differents after say 64 units....

    Keep trying, you'll get it!

    in case anyone else needs help:

    visit my website, to see how we have our shipping setup. then Email me if you have difficulties;

    you'll get it, it takes a little headbanging but it works~ :)