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    Sep 13 2008 16:15:49


    Debbie Q

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    We have been emailing him but the more people that tell him what is wrong the more likely he will do something about it. The forum is pretty close to being useless and many volunteer helpers are dropping out because the problems are not getting fixed. At least not the most important ones.

    cassie75 said: You mean no-body else has bothered to email him yet? Surely I'm not the first to notice all this !

    He is getting fed up with me emailing him because I am really struggling with this new 'my account' thing and am finding it much harder to use than before. Couple that with the new admin area which doen'st work with my size of screen/res which he has refused to move the link to the old admin area to the other side of the page so it is easier for us! So not sure he will be too happy with me emailing him about more things 'wrong' if no-body else has seen them. Everytime I email him about something he just says 'no-body else has complained'.

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