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Confused - shipping rates

    Sep 13 2008 16:53:50



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    I just started setting up Mal's E-commerce codes for my site this past week.
    I have searched through the forums (both old and new)
    but cannot get a shipping range based on total amount paid
    to work for me.

    I would like something like this:

    order totaling from $ 00.10 to $25 - shipping charge $5.95
    $ 25.01 to $50 - shipping charge$ 7.95
    $ 50.01 to $150 - shipping charge$ 8.95
    $150.00 to $250 - shipping charge$10.95
    $250.00 and up - shipping charge$16.95

    I have used PayPal standard on my site the last 4 years and my customers are used to this type of shipping charge set up.

    I will keep searching these forums and fiddlin' around with the shipping configuration but so far no luck in getting the above to work.
    And all my fiddlin' has given me a headache.

    Any help or advice that will set me in the right direction much appreciated.
    If this can indeed be done using Mal's E-Commerce.

    Thanks in advance!

    Sep 13 2008 17:29:20


    Debbie Q

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    See if this page of Alans helps.

    Debbie Q

    Mal's Support:
    GT's Forms and examples:
    Helpful java scripts:
    Shipping help documents:

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    Personalized Books, Music CDs and Gifts for all ages and occasions.

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    Sep 13 2008 22:26:57



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    Thanks Debbie for the link...
    I will check it out.

    Sep 14 2008 00:41:04



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    Edited: Edited: Edited: In case any other new users are confused about configuring shipping,
    this page link is quite helpful: Shipping Options.htm

    Makes configuring the shipping options very understandable.
    Learned just what I needed from this Tutorial.

    Thanks for the Tutorial Alan Stoner!

    PS: the entire link is not underlined above,
    guess because of the spaces between the words
    Choosing (space)shipping(space)Options
    Sorry about that!

    Sep 22 2008 17:40:08



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    As a follow-up to this post, is this the correct way it should appear in the cart? I chose Option 7 and the cart says:

    "To calculate the cost of shipping, make a selection from the menu to the right and click on the RECALCULATE button below."

    and there is a pull-down menu where the customer must choose a shipping range and then press RECALCULATE.

    I am questioning this because I don't understand why the shipping amount doesn't appear automatically in the cart. Why is it necessary for the customer to choose, for ex. $25.01 - $50.00, for the correct shipping fee to appear in the cart.

    It also allows for the customer to choose an incorrect fee.



    Sep 22 2008 23:11:21


    Sue AS

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 6

    Hi Risa,
    The shipping recaluates based on monetary order total for me
    automatically as items are added to the cart.
    This is how I configured the shipping:

    I used option #7
    Then checked "Automatically set units to equal the price (shipping by value)"

    Then made 1 shipping zone table with the following values:
    up to 25 ------ 5.95 ($5.95 shipping charge)
    25 ------ 2.00 ( would be $7.95 shipping charge)
    100 ---- 1.00 (would be $8.95 shipping charge)
    100----- 2.00 (would be $10.95 shipping charge)
    and the rest ---6.00 (would be $16.95 shipping charge)

    which translates to:
    $00.01 to $25.00 shipping rate $5.95
    $25.01 to $50.00 shipping rate $7.95
    $50.01 to $150.00 shipping rate $8.95
    $150.01 to $250.00 shipping rate $10.95
    $250.01 and up shipping rate $16.95

    So as the monetary value of the order increases
    the cart updates the shipping charge to match the monetary value.
    The customer does not need to choose the correct rate.

    Hope this helps explain.

    Sep 23 2008 00:25:47



    Join date : 2008-09-22      Posts : 4


    Thank you so so so much for helping me out with this. I spent hours trying to figure this out, so I really appreciate your detailed help. One thing I'd like to add, for anyone else having trouble with this method, DO NOT add any additional zones. This is where I went wrong. I thought I needed 5 zones, when, in fact, all the data needed to go into only 1 zone under units and cost. Creating the extra zones explains why I had the mysterious pull-down menu.

    Thanks again.