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How to do a Calculation

    Jun 05 2009 00:54:27



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    I am wondering if anybody knows how to do a calculation on an invoice that subtracts.

    I would like to take the 'Total' for an order and subtract the 'Voucher Value'.

    All of our invoices show the Grand Total, but if someones order total is $25 and they had a $20 voucher then the payment they made was only $5. I would like to show on the invoice that they were only charge the $5 and not the sum of the order. I do not see a field would just give me the payment amount.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Sep 23 2009 23:15:32


    Ian S

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    Hi Jmayn,

    Did you ever manage to figure this out?

    I'd like to show a goods sub total and would calculate this from the total minus the shipping. But can't work out how to do it.

    I can't even work out how to add values toegther with the 'sum' DbCalc - can only get it to display a singe data field which is pointless