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Shopping cart & First Class Mail

    Jun 08 2009 18:58:04


    Danielle F

    Join date : 2008-12-08      Posts : 26

    I have just noticed an issue with my cart for low weight items. When the total units in an order reaches 0.3, the First Class shipping option disappears, when it shouldn't disappear until it reaches around 0.8 units (13oz).
    (My units are in pounds)

    For example, for this page the first product has a unit value of 0.1
    First Class works fine for one or 2 items bought, but as soon as it hits 3 items, it is treating it as though the weight is too high.

    I've used this for several years now and only recently noticed this issue. Has something changed with units? Or advance shipping?


    Jun 08 2009 20:31:05



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 2978

    The cutover seems to be between 2.18 and 2.19 as the qty in the cart.. But up to there the prices look constant. 3 for First class, 6.70 priority, etc.. So I'm not sure it's working fine at low levels.

    Maybe Mal can help. I don't use USPS or the calculators.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Jun 10 2009 13:28:46


    Danielle F

    Join date : 2008-12-08      Posts : 26

    Thanks JV.

    I emailed Mal and apparently USPS changed the set up a while ago, so now in Advanced Shipping, First Class has 2 options:

    First Class - for envelopes, up to 3.5oz
    First Class Parcel - for packages, up to 13oz.

    I changed my set up to FC Parcel and everything is working again.