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Shipping support

    Sep 14 2008 15:06:52



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    With the advent of the new forum I've decided after several years to cease responding to shipping posts, and occasional others.

    I'm leaving some newer material which I hope can soon replace that on the tips site, much of which dates to the previous millennium.

    Best wishes to all,


    Sep 14 2008 18:24:34


    tom g

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    I am sorry to hear will be missed. For all the many people you have helped, thank you!

    Unfortunately, I think the new forum does make it harder to help people.

    Sep 15 2008 00:52:08


    Debbie Q

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    I for one will be VERY sorry to see Alan go. Mal NEEDS his shipping knowledge. I can't say that I blame Alan one bit. If things don't change soon I might be right behind him out the door. This new forum really sucks for people trying to help. It is nearly impossible and it is VERY time consuming. I hope Mal is ready to get on board to help the hundreds of people needing answers to their shipping problems.

    Debbie Q

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    Sep 15 2008 05:59:27



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    I'll be extremely sorry to see Alan's contribution disappear, he has been a back bone of the forum long before I got involved and he has taught me so much about shipping. He is 'da man' and for me, no-one can replace him.

    I for one am totally puzzled over why this new forum was needed. As yet, I haven't seen one improvement over the old one. And yet all of the familiar features of the old forum have gone. In my opinion Mal did not test this new forum past a few of the 'regulars' for their input.

    My motto, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I'm with Debbie and Alan on this.

    Listen up Mal.

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    Sep 15 2008 13:46:30



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    Edited: I have emailed Mal about this again, as I fear the forum is dying a slow death. It has been such a backwards step and I really can't understand the thought behind it. Whomever sold him this crappy software must laughing all the way to the bank!

    Anyway, speak up and let Mal know what' shappening. It may be the only way to save the forum support that we have all shared, given and received for (in my case at least) so many years now. :(

    Sep 16 2008 15:14:12



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    Have posted Mal's response in a new to

    Sep 17 2008 01:23:16



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    Sorry, I just notic

    Sep 17 2008 01:24:20



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    Never mind. This forum has me beat.