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Is the old forum gone?

    Sep 14 2008 17:05:17



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    Haven't visited in a month or so -- the site and forum are looking very cool.

    Is the OLD forum with all its topics and posts still around somewhere? I was trying to find an old answer someone posted to me. If not, here is my question (sorry for any repetition)

    We have a database and would like to know if we can upload the database and use it with Mals in some way? Or , what exactly can the Mal's cart do along with a database? I couldn't find that information . I seem to recall a database section on the old site.

    Optioncart says they cannot work with another database, you must enter your products into their database. We are hoping to simply use the database we have just put together. It has some features like adjusting product prices based on the current price of gold/ounce.

    Hope this is making sense. Thank you!

    Sep 14 2008 18:16:02


    tom g

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    Edited: The old forum is here:

    Yes, you could use any web accessible database with Mals. The hard part is writing scripts to query the database and present the data on your web pages. As an example, our site is all database driven using our own mysql database (