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Price rounding and logo issue

    Jun 19 2009 17:55:50



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    Hello -

    I am new to Mal's. I have read through all the FAQs and searched the forum for solutions to my two current problems and have not yet found the answer. Hoping someone here can help.

    I am having problems getting my logo to appear on the shopping cart page. I have the correct link, and it looks fine when I do the Test Cart button, but from my website, when I click the Buy Now button, I get the cart fine, but the image shows as a blank box with a small red x in the upper left hand corner.

    I was having a rounding issue, but have resolved it.

    I would be grateful for any assistance with this issue.

    Jun 19 2009 18:46:12


    Debbie Q

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    Could possibly be your host is blocking hotlinking of images. All we can do is make guesses with no URL to take a look at.

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