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Retrieving Email

    Sep 15 2008 01:11:36



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    My order notifications are not going to my secondary choice email address at ALL and looks like they have not been all week. It is a hotmail account and I set it up this way so I am able to retrieve the orders through email format from any location. From 1:30 to 5:30 today order notifications did not go to my main email address either. Is there a way to have the emails resent? There are quite a few orders that I did not get notification of. And, yes... I checked all possibilities before posting, junkmail etc...... Also, why am I not getting any order notifications to my hotmail account. I was getting them fine, and then they just quit.

    Sep 15 2008 02:56:31


    Debbie Q

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    Others have posted problems as well but mine is working fine. You could email Mal directly to see if it is server related. Perhaps they are now being blocked as Spam. Or if you use PayPal to process your orders maybe they stopped sending info to let the cart know the order was complete.

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