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adding insurance as a product

    Sep 15 2008 17:22:22



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    I am so frustrated that my insurance option is not working when checking out with the shopping cart. I have followed the tutorial several times, but I find it missing several things too. For instance, the tutorial does not tell you how to fill in quantities of stock per each insurance option, which I presume is to put "1" in each quantity? I feel that I may have messed up the link that I had to copy and paste towards the end. But I can't find how to put the default link back in, as if I was just beginning my cart setup. Also, when you get to the copy-and-paste step for that link, I find that tutorial to be confusing, when it tells you where to paste it in, and what part of that default link you leave alone?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Sep 16 2008 05:35:38



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    Without your form to take a look at Annette, we can only guess.

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    Sep 16 2008 16:02:21


    Debbie Q

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    What tutorial are you refering too and what is your URL?

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