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Using Shipping Methods

    Sep 16 2008 02:44:33



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    New customer wants to use Canada Post and UPS for shipping based on where the shipment is going.

    Sorry if this has been addressed in the old forums, but I'm having problems finding the answer.

    a) Is this possible?
    b) Does the person need a premium account to do this
    c) Would you need to use a third party plugin.

    S. Emerson
    Accrete Web Solutions

    Sep 16 2008 16:00:59


    Debbie Q

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    Yes, You would either need a premium cart or a third party software.

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    Sep 16 2008 21:10:25



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    Thank you Debbie.

    From Premium Account info page:
    "...Further to this, each zone can have up to six shipping options for the customer to choose from. The module directly integrates with the USPS, FEDEX, UPS and Australia Post rates and shipping services."

    It doesn't say anything here about Canada Post.

    S. Emerson
    Accrete Web Solutions

    Sep 17 2008 12:21:07


    just visiting

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    To interface to a calculator you need some software and I haven't seen mention of a Canada Post calculator interface.

    And I don't know whether the provided UPS interface supports Canada as an origin address.

    So you would need new software. In theory it could be written using standard shipping (i.e. no premium account) with that software requesting a destination selection by the customer and then linking to one or other calculator.

    Some shipping help documents are available at