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Tax Calculation

    Jul 20 2009 20:32:07



    Join date : 2009-06-26      Posts : 52

    Ok I had this working for about 5 mins!
    Now I can't get it to work and i can't figure out what I've done!

    My cart prices all INCLUDE Tax (VAT).
    What I need to show is the Tax element in the final total.

    I have the following settings in Sales Tax (Tax calculations)

    Tax Basis: Tax will be calculated using one of the rates specified below
    Default Tax Rate: Tax is 15%
    Shipping: Shipping is taxable
    Tax is based on the shipping address: my prices include sales tax
    8-Country: United Kingdom

    Like i say i had this working at one point - it was showing the tax element (and even specifying that it was VAT) once you went to calculate shopping cart. Not sure what I'm doing wrong now.

    Any hints would be appreciated.

    Jul 20 2009 20:40:15



    Join date : 2009-06-26      Posts : 52

    Sorry guys - just found it!
    Also needed to check: 1 - All Orders. Tax is added to all orders.