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Re:Simple catalog manager

    Aug 09 2009 16:04:11



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    Does anyone know a cheap one, or one for a low one-off payment?
    Options I've seen quoted are
    -cubecart for people with php servers. I'm not 100% sure of my facts on this one
    - with limited options for things like sizes
    -coldfusion web design software, including the free version, might write a link to some kind of inventory but is not great for search engine optimisation.
    -merchantmoms in the USA will let you use their off-site or no-site scripts for a relatively high monthly charge

    These are more impressions than hard facts - particularly on search-engine friendliness.

    DIY option: lists ways of linking mals to a database, as though such a thing could cheaply be done. Does anyone know how the job would be described to a programmer on scriptlance?