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Re:PayPal Pro shipping label confirmation/messages not being delivered

    Sep 17 2008 07:42:44


    Mal Stewart

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    Edited: The whole idea of PayPal Pro is that it gives you an opportunity to offer your customers a credit card payment option for people who do not want to pay, for what ever reason, via PayPal. So for PayPal to then send an email to your customer after they have paid could/would be really annoying for some of them, especially given that they didn't know the payment was really via PayPal!

    If you don't mind people knowing it is PayPal then you might as well just use PayPal standard instead and save yourself some money too.

    The assumption is it is the cart's job to communicate with the customer, that the cart will send the customer a receipt. And of course it can do that.


    Mal Stewart

    Mal's E-commerce Ltd