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Automatically apply the settings from another account

    Aug 19 2009 07:28:30



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    I have several Mals accounts, and when you create a new Mals account, it would be nice to return all settings to another account. It would just make a few changes.

    sorry for my bad English, I'm french!

    thank you


    Aug 19 2009 08:10:23



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    I raised that with Mal in passing a few month's ago.

    He indicated that mapping one account setup to another is not easy, particularly with things like Advanced shipping as the config is "built up"; create record A, a zone, the ID for record A is then used to link to record B, an option, and so on.

    So I don't think you're likely to see it.

    Recording the settings using 'Print Screen' and pasting the results in a document is perhaps a good backup as you can't store the values directly.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Aug 20 2009 14:27:40



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    ok, thank you Alan.