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Question Regarding Gift Vouchers Cart Process

    Aug 21 2009 05:42:12


    Zen Monkey

    Join date : 2009-08-21      Posts : 26

    Is there any way to have a gift voucher added to the cart directly to the part of the cart where it makes it appear in your cart admin.

    So lets say the following scenario:

    User performs some action on my site, say signing up for something where they give their name and email at some point, would there be a way i could call the cart in the background somehow to add a gift voucher, i noticed that a user adding a gift voucher via a button or link has to go all the way through the cart right up to the bit where you chose payment method before the voucher is added to your admin area.

    Is there a way i can automatically push a gift voucher to this point in the cart process, so the user doesnt even have to enter the cart at all or even see the cart, all i have to do is check the admin and see a new voucher and issue it and mail them the info???

    Any advice