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Re:Donation page before checkout?

    Aug 21 2009 06:12:29


    Zen Monkey

    Join date : 2009-08-21      Posts : 26

    It could be done, you could have aphp or asp script on your server that the buy now buttons point to, it could store the info of the itm they are buying and pass it to the cart behind the scenes so it goes to the cart then they could be presented on that page an option to add your doantion amount, or skipping past it and going to the cart, when they get there their product info is there and if they chose to donate that gets added too.

    Wouldnt take too long to develop depending on how many products and what types of buy now buttons/drop downs options etc you have with your different items etc

    If you were using a ost with php available on the server i could have something up and running in a coupe of hours or so.

    If you wish to hire my services send me a message privately i would love to help