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Affiliate Programs, PayPal Payment Method ???

    Aug 21 2009 07:54:57


    Zen Monkey

    Join date : 2009-08-21      Posts : 26

    With regards to affiliate programs how would one go about integrating them into mals cart if the program was not mtracker nor commission junction etc

    Lets say for example i have my own affiliate program and all i need to do is somehow get a piece of code onto the final thank you page of the cart to grab the affiliate id and total order price to process it via a script etc

    I have seen there are secure and unsecure payment pages editable in admin, BUT when using paypal payment option the redirect back to cart takes the customer to a thankyou page of the cart that is neither of these and regardless of what is typed into those two settings in admin nothing shows up on the thankyou page after paypal payment returns them back to cart??

    So how can it be done?

    Would the remote call feature of mals be sufficient? is that call made after successful payment has been made and mals cart has been notified from paypal of such??


    Aug 22 2009 17:18:09


    Zen Monkey

    Join date : 2009-08-21      Posts : 26

    Anyone??? Maybe i will just email mal directly as im sure he will be able to answer me, from looking closely at the forum im thinking many people dont know the answer to this, i will post it once i get it.