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Re:Affiliate's personal URL

    Aug 23 2009 06:06:03


    Zen Monkey

    Join date : 2009-08-21      Posts : 26

    Try using the MTracker Affiliate Redirection Script

    It allows you to have a page on your site that affiliates can generate their affiliate links from similar to the above style links mentioned, looks like a normal page of your site is being linked to and contains the affiliates id code.

    Its all ready to install with no knowledge of php, htaccess mod_rewrite etc needed, just upload make a couple of html corrctions here and there, enter some settings in a config file and your up and running.

    Its a pretty useful script and very cheap, i have used it on a couple of sites so far, with great success.

    It will allow users to generate links that point to your site and dont look as spammy, long and confusing as the usual mtracker affiliate links, perfect for putting on business cards, email/forum signatures, etc.