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Shipping question

    Sep 17 2008 23:31:08



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    OK. I have a few products that are free shipping, but most things have a flat shipping rate. How do I work around that so that the items that are free shipping don't end up getting the flat rate tacked on at checkout?

    Sep 18 2008 00:40:51


    Debbie Q

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    You have to get rid of the flat rate shipping. Use option 7 and set your table to "upto .9=0" "the rest=your shipping cost" Then give each product that has shipping a unit value of 1 and give the items that don't get shipped unit value of 0

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    Sep 18 2008 01:16:06



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    Thank you for your response on this and my other post. I appreciate your help.

    Sep 18 2008 05:58:59


    just visiting

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    A slightly lazier way is to check the units=price box for option 7 in Debbie's solution and then specify noship for the free shipping products.

    That saves having to specify any units values.

    1 ___ your charge

    But this version will only work if you are not using discountpr or pay.cfm.

    P.S. I assume you meant a flat shipping rate per order rather than per item.

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