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Credit Card Type - Missing Options

    Aug 26 2009 22:31:02



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    I am using the viaKLIX / MyVirtualMerchant gateway and it is only showing that we accept Visa and Mastercard. However, we also accept Discover and AMEX. Does anyone know how to add credit card types to this gateway?

    Aug 26 2009 22:36:04


    Debbie Q

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    Did you enter all the names in the payment setup page in admin?

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    Aug 27 2009 13:07:42



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    Debbie Q,
    I guess I can't find the payment setup page? I go to Payment Methods -> Payment Gateway Setup -> viaKLIX / MyVirtualMerchant On the viaKLIX / MyVirtualMerchant page it gives no options for entering credit card names. I guess there is another payment setup page I need to go to? Thanks so much for your help!

    Aug 27 2009 13:43:27



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    Ok...I figured out that I have to add it in the Manual Payment Options section of the Payment Options page.