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Re:Not / No longer receiving Paypal email Notification email

    Aug 28 2009 21:38:57


    Michael Schwab

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    OH I also noticed, in the area where you get your Paypal API link to input to Paypal API area -(link in Mals cart configuration area, Paypal Payment setup)....that pop-up window shows a broken link in the API image area....????

    Look on the right side in your Paypal Payment Processing area and see if it's there, where it says:

    Version 1 is used by all US and Canadian based Pro merchants and anyone else wanting to setup Express checkout on its own (including UK based merchants). Click here for instructions on setting up version 1. Version 2 is used by United Kingdom based Pro merchants only.

    then CLICK HERE for the pop-up window to see the broken image link:

    Grant API access

    In order to use Express Checkout or Payments Pro package you must configure your PayPal account to allow the cart to have API access. This is what you need to do:

    1. Login to PayPal
    2. Go to: Profile
    3. Go to: API Access > Grant API Permissions
    4. You need to add API access to

    API Account Name:

    and give the cart permission to use:

    * SetExpressCheckout
    * GetExpressCheckoutDetails
    * DoExpressCheckoutPayment
    * DoDirectPayment

    Note it is a one, not the letter L, in
    API Access (broken link)