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Zero Cost Item??

    Sep 01 2009 13:06:15


    Pat H

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    Hi, I have searched the Forum but to no avail, can anyone offer any advice please?

    I want to offer a free download, but I also want my customer to experience the 'Buying Experience' of using Mals Cart and then being sent to the 'Download Page' so this will give the customer the confidence to return and actually 'purchase' an item the next time the next time.

    Can this be done?
    Many thanks in anticipation. :)

    Just Quizzes

    Sep 01 2009 16:06:09


    Debbie Q

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    No, If no money is being collected the cart does not go through the payment.

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    Sep 01 2009 16:17:47



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    You could always set up a free cart to do testing/free with if your cart won't do a value of 0.00.

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