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Re:Not / No longer receiving Paypal email Notification email

    Sep 01 2009 21:33:00


    Michael Schwab

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 87

    ...yep, albeit a "canned response" is better than no response. It took me 30 minutes and 4 advisers bumping me around before someone finally came back with a Supervisor response.

    I had them check the Mals API permissions too, while we were at it, to make sure Mals was still hooked into them "technically"...they confirmed that works just fine.

    I noticed on my Profile section under Notifications, there is a blue box at the top with a notice:
    "Recent requests to unsubscribe from PayPal emails may not be showing up in your notification preferences yet. Don't worry - if you clicked the unsubscribe link in a PayPal email, we've already unsubscribed you. This page will be updated shortly."

    let's just say, I'm not holding my breath~ ;)