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Shipping Acting Wired on Old Cart ww7 server

    Sep 04 2009 18:11:47



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    Hi, just wondering if anyone's shipping calculation is acting weird today. I had a customer who added an item to the cart and added shipping and got one amount, and when the revisited the cart again and recalculated shipping again got another price (the correct one). My shipping is advanced, but is calculated based on the total amount of the customer's order. Cart is set up on ww7 server.

    Sep 04 2009 18:17:21



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    More info .. on above problem.. when this customer called in to inqure.. I tested it myself and it was doing the same strange stuff for me too so it wasn't anything the customer was doing wrong. Basically $5.00 was added to the shipping all by itself..but if you kept recalculating and/or delete al items, start all over it would figure shipping correctly. It was just weird acting and this customer brought it to my attention.

    Sep 05 2009 06:36:06



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    At face value, as I can't see the site, I suggest you should be contacting Mal.

    Some shipping help documents are available at