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Free sample shipping...

    Sep 08 2009 20:22:26


    Michael Schwab

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    We offer free samples, (hat pins, 4 sizes, one each sample pack)

    How would I go about making the sample purchase limit one per customer, so they can't keep adding quantities to get more for free?

    I suppose posting "limit one per customer" would just be best and put customers on the Honor System, ey?


    Sep 09 2009 06:37:34



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    You could try noqty - the support page Using an HTML form includes "Removing the qty box".

    But they could use the Add to cart button with qty=1 again.

    So perhaps say 'free if 1 ordered - max 1 free per customer' and use discountpr, with two or more having a normal price. That would cope with qty changes in the cart or additional orders..

    <input name="discountpr" value="1,0:0,4" /> (or discountprX if using addmulti.cfm). ##P.S. As Debbie notes below - also needs type="hidden" ##

    One would be free but two or more would cost 4 each.

    The customer could come back again in half an hour with another order, but you'd probably notice that.

    Your Subject included the word 'shipping'. Please post again if that was the area of interest!

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    Sep 09 2009 21:48:47


    Michael Schwab

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 87

    I couldn't figure out how to do the part about first one would be free but two or more would cost 4 each. That would be excellent if I can figure out the codes...

    I stuck this in to see what would happen::<input name="discountpr" value="1,0:0,4" />
    this put a form box with the numbers inside it ...

    So I don't know what I did wrong...?

    So here's what I did: I took out the quantity box and just left a Buy Now button, with free shipping if they checkout with that item only. Then if they shop more, everything else adds shipping like it normally would.
    I realize they can change the quantity in the cart summary page, and hope they won't-it's never happened before.
    I'll come back and try again in a little bit.

    re: Your Subject included the word 'shipping'. Please post again if that was the area of interest! hmmmm...did I post in the wrong place??

    thanks again!

    Sep 09 2009 22:17:23


    Debbie Q

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    <input type=hidden name="discountpr" value="1,0:0,4" />

    If you want to keep it the way you have it now with no qty box and don't want them to change it in the cart add a noqty field to your code. <input type=hidden name="noqty" value="1" /> But that won't keep them from going back to the cart and adding more free samples so your best bet is to use the discountpr.

    The reason Alan questioned shipping in your subject is because this is not a shipping question unless we are missing something here.

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    Sep 10 2009 06:52:29



    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 2987

    Thanks for the correction, Debbie. I've added a note to my first response where I omitted the type="hidden". (In my tests I used a text box so didn't cut and paste!)

    Using discountpr looks best in that it handles the pricing and any changes.

    Sandra, if the first line of your post "We offer free samples" meant "We offer free shipping on samples" that's a little different. I didn't visit the website initially.

    You have a solution that charges for the sample but not for the shipping.

    Whether a free sample can be combined with free shipping if only one is ordered probably depends on your basis for charging shipping.

    If it is based on weight, and you do not use the Advanced shipping calculators then it may be possible, particularly if you have a Premium account and it's the lightest item you sell.

    What have you defined in the shipping setup?

    In passing, a free sample but with shipping charged doesn't seem unreasonable to me, but maybe that depends on what your competition does.

    Some shipping help documents are available at

    Sep 10 2009 20:09:20


    Michael Schwab

    Join date : 2008-09-18      Posts : 87

    hi Deb and Alan~ YES! gawd, my mistake in wording...I was offering free shipping with a value of "0" if they purchased the pin samples at $ this one lady came in and bought a number of samples and got free shipping...not a biggie, but could have been (YIKES) if she'd ordered say a 1000 samples with free shipping~

    So, let me rephrase -how to get the cart to charge shipping if more than one quantity was, I just gave myself a headache trying to sort that one out... %-)

    PS: I have to get orders out but real quick; we're using Advanced shipping with a value "0" to bypass the shipping. :)
    Kthanks, I'll come back to this this evening when I get off work~!