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Affiliate Tracking 3rd party

    Sep 09 2009 19:42:15


    Zen Monkey

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    Need advice on a problem

    I have an affiliate tracking image that i have tested on other sites and pages of my site i made th script for my own affiliate program and it wokrs fine on other sites does as it should do etc

    <img src="{id}&total={am}"; />

    Here above is the code im using in the cart secure and unsecure pages, ignore the ; in the code above it seems this forum adds that to stop the image code being treated as html and displaying the image etc

    On other sites i have tested it works fine the info in the ?oid= and total= gets passed into the script and the database gets updated with affiliate sales info

    However when doing a test on your cart going through and ordering, using credit card as payment method and entering the test/fake card number 4111111111111111 i get to the confirmation page of the cart where the image is displayed i checked the source code the image is there the values above have been successfully replaced by the cart total and shopper id etc

    BUT the script doesnt seem to work, the info is not added to the database

    I know the script works as i have tested it byt takeing the image code and putting it on a page of my site loading that page and yes database gets updated, i also took the image src and went directly to that link and it works too

    But for some reason when i include the image code on your cart exit pages the script doesnt update the database

    Any suggestions as to what may be causing this??

    Thanks in advance

    Sep 09 2009 20:29:59


    Debbie Q

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    Altho I admit I don't know much about that kind of thing.... I thought the total price was either {amount} or {tot}.

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    Sep 09 2009 23:56:38


    Zen Monkey

    Join date : 2009-08-21      Posts : 26

    From what it says in the cart setup other messages settings it says to use {am} and i had this successfully working with this exact sae setup a day or so ago

    Now for some reason it works when used elsewhere but not when used on mals exit pages??