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A way to pop up a message in the cart once?

    Sep 10 2009 00:24:25


    Zen Monkey

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    Is there a way to pop up a message in the cart but only once

    Im currently using a javascript file in the shipping messages box to pop up a message on exiting the page offering them something and asking them if they wish to stay on the page or continue leaving

    Only problem is it does this every time and i only want it to do it the first time they go to the cart and leave the page

    I tried setting and checking a cookie from within the script and setting the code that displayed the message to only display if the cookie wasnt present but that didnt work

    Maybe im doing something wrong but i wondered if anyone had already done this and could share with me what they did or where they got the script from


    Sep 12 2009 02:20:13



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    It's not a Mals issue, you need to find a script that sets a cookie and only pops up when the cookie isn't present.