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Collect Billing/Shipping only once for Paypal

    Sep 10 2009 16:58:06



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    I've searched the forums using the words "paypal" and "billing." I did not find an answer to this question. Forgive me if it is here, anyway.

    When the user clicks on "Go to Payments" the billing and shipping information is collected. I know that I can take off the shipping info and that I can't take off the billing info. I read those posts. What I want to know is how to send the collected info to paypal on the next screen (or the screen after that, whichever it is). Right now, the user has to fill in their billing and/or shipping info a second time for paypal unless they have already have a paypal account.

    If I make it too difficult to order, they won't order. Putting your contact info in twice seems like over kill.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

    Mark Lee

    Sep 11 2009 07:16:07



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    Why not send them to PayPal and bypass Mals collecting that info?

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    Sep 12 2009 02:11:16



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    Admin > Cart Setup > Payment Methods > PayPal

    Scroll to the VERY bottom and check "No shipping address at Paypal"