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Re:Free sample shipping...

    Sep 10 2009 20:09:20


    Michael Schwab

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    hi Deb and Alan~ YES! gawd, my mistake in wording...I was offering free shipping with a value of "0" if they purchased the pin samples at $ this one lady came in and bought a number of samples and got free shipping...not a biggie, but could have been (YIKES) if she'd ordered say a 1000 samples with free shipping~

    So, let me rephrase -how to get the cart to charge shipping if more than one quantity was, I just gave myself a headache trying to sort that one out... %-)

    PS: I have to get orders out but real quick; we're using Advanced shipping with a value "0" to bypass the shipping. :)
    Kthanks, I'll come back to this this evening when I get off work~!