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Someone has put through successful order for 0.00 - how?

    Sep 19 2008 09:25:52


    Mr Steven W Thomson

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    Someone has managed to place a successful order on my site for 0.00 and even the postage is 0.00. It was for an item worth 50. They know that I am not honouring it, but they have got in touch to say that they will let me know how they did it if I send them the items they ordered.

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem and how they managed to bypass the credit/debit card payment screens and doctor the postage costs to zero also? It's got me curious and very annoyed with this person as you can imagine!

    Thanks for any help/advice

    Sep 19 2008 09:39:51



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    Sep 19 2008 10:44:42


    Mal Stewart

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    Technically, if you think about it, anyone can create a Buy Now button for a product which costs nothing and then post it into your shopping cart account. The cart will not ask for payment details from them if the order total is zero.

    You can stop people tampering with links if you want using Link verification:

    But Neil is right, the guy is commiting a crime by trying to extrort cash from you. It is the same as going into a shop and swoping the price labels.


    Mal's E-commerce Ltd

    Sep 19 2008 11:23:45



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    I just had the same thing happen to me. Her order shows no pricing. I have gone and checked my cart and it is working fine. I see that some suggest to call the police, but when these people are out of my state will they really be able to do anything? Would reporting it to my internet provider or does Mal's have someone they report fraud to???

    Sep 19 2008 11:37:39


    Mal Stewart

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    I wouldn't assume that just because a price is wrong that means someone is trying to defraud you. In my expereience, 99 times out of 100, the price is wrong because there is a problem in a Buy Now button on your website. It might be a browser issue, if the syntax isn't quite right, or it might be an old page somwhere that you had forgotton about.

    What is different about the original post is that the guy has admited he has altered the price and now expects cash in order to provide information on how he did it. That is extortion. As general rule the authorities are not interested unless you can provide 100% prove the person was doing something wrong "with intent". That is very hard thing to do unless, as in this case, the person tells you he is defrauding you.


    Mal's E-commerce Ltd

    Sep 28 2008 16:27:40



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    This is actually a serious offense. Here is where you would file your complaint.

    Howaco Glass Supply Co

    Oct 05 2008 15:36:19



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    I want to verify all my orders, I have read the help file but I am still a little confused. Were do I enter the code;
    <input name="hash value" type="hidden" value="6ca2b2defb2a5161b3723f etc..." />

    In the button code below;

    <form action=""; method="post">
    <input name="userid" type="hidden" value="123456789" />
    <input name="product" type="hidden" value="Something I sell" />
    <input name="price" type="hidden" value="9.99" />
    <input name="return" type="hidden" value=""; />
    <input name="submit2" type="submit" value="Add to cart" />