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Authorize.Net & CCV

    Sep 15 2009 17:55:33



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    I have a client that is setup with Mals, and they just converted their payment processing to Authorize.Net.

    I completed the setup within the cart to use the AIM method, including the transaction key and API info. I also checked the box to require the CCV code.

    However, on the payment form, there is no box for a customer to enter the CCV number. I've checked and double checked, everything is entered correct and the settings for the customer @ authorize net are correct.

    Anybody have info on what I could be missing?

    Sep 16 2009 05:58:33



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    Nothing missing, the CVV number cannot be collected by Mals, where have you checked the box for collecting the CVV as I don't see that in the cart setup for required fields I presume at

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    Sep 16 2009 11:41:19



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    The checkbox I'm referring to is in the Authorize.Net setup area under payment setups.

    This is a little disconcerting because if the user cannot send the CCV to Authorize.Net, they can't process transactions.

    Is there anywhere on the mals site that explains this change in service?

    Does anyone know if using the SIM method would make a difference in allowing the CCV to be collected?

    Sep 16 2009 18:51:50



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    Follow up on this should anyone have the same problem -- this was fixed after I emailed Mal about the problem.