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drop down menu's with different prices

    Sep 22 2008 10:11:01



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    OK carganar, I'll make it real easy for you. Below is a copy and paste of a snippet of your code on one of your pages.

    <select name="product1[]" style="width: 200px">
    <option value="">Colour</option>
    <option value="Clear,SCRH041:47.99">Light Smoked £47.99</option>
    <option value="Light Smoked,SCRH066:47.99">Light Smoked £47.99</option>
    <option value="Dark Smoked, SCRH039:47.99">Dark Smoked £47.99</option>
    <option value="Iridium, SCH040:59.99">Iridium £59.99</option>

    The option value syntax you use is correct for what you are trying to achieve - product and price - but the select name should be productpr1 or it will not work.

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