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Re:Someone has put through successful order for 0.00 - how?

    Sep 19 2008 11:37:39


    Mal Stewart

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    I wouldn't assume that just because a price is wrong that means someone is trying to defraud you. In my expereience, 99 times out of 100, the price is wrong because there is a problem in a Buy Now button on your website. It might be a browser issue, if the syntax isn't quite right, or it might be an old page somwhere that you had forgotton about.

    What is different about the original post is that the guy has admited he has altered the price and now expects cash in order to provide information on how he did it. That is extortion. As general rule the authorities are not interested unless you can provide 100% prove the person was doing something wrong "with intent". That is very hard thing to do unless, as in this case, the person tells you he is defrauding you.


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